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ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Workshop April 20-21, 2018

ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Workshop for Southeast Asian Language Teachers
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, April 20-21, 2018

Sponsored by COTSEAL

You are invited to apply to participate in the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines Workshop for Southeast Asian Language Teachers at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor April 20-21, 2018.
This two-day workshop will familiarize participants with the ACTFL Proficiency Guidelines, ACTFL Rating Scale, and the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview Process, and the implications of proficiency for academic and professional purposes. It will include the application of proficiency for Southeast Asian language instruction and assessment, and how proficiency guidelines can be customized to address specific program needs and goals.
Upon completion of the workshop, there will be follow-up activities involving proficiency-based material development to support the integration of the ACTFL guidelines in Southeast Asian language teaching.

Priority will be given to those applicants who make a firm commitment to participate in the follow-up activities, and who have not yet received the ACTFL guidelines/OPI training.

Application should be submitted online at by January 22, 2018.

To apply to participate in the ACTFL workshop, please submit:
1. A one page statement describing your background in teaching a Southeast Asian language and your commitment to apply the knowledge you gain from the ACTFL proficiency training to your language teaching.

2. Your CV covering your language teaching experience.  
With acceptance, your registration cost for the workshop is covered. 

To request funding for travel and accommodation
3. Submit a statement of need including information from your institution indicating what portion of the cost they can cover.  It is expected that participants from NRCs will seek travel funds from their institution, but if full funding is not available, they can also apply for travel support.

Active membership in COTSEAL is required to participate in the ACTFL workshop.
To renew or become a member please fill out this form:

Questions should be addressed to

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